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wittern used vending machines
We can assist with refurbished Wittern snack vending machines.
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Wittern Group

Used Vending Machines

The Wittern Group is one of the largest manufactures of vending machines and automatic merchandising equipment in the USA.
They quality of the merchandise that is manufactured by the Wittern group is top industry standards and NAMA listed and Approved.
Wittern group machines are sold thru many channels so you may have seen or used one under another brand name.
Wittern snack machines have one of the best engineered trays in the industry as it is very flexible in adjusting for different product sizes.

We sell refurbished Wittern group snack vending machines and would suggest them to you for your use. Wittern vending machines can be used for a variety of products and we have many different options available.
We have available many different sizes and capacity machines as well as different options you may need or not need depending on location.
If you are looking for a quality used vending machine and need a machine of a specific type then please fill out the form below so we can match your need to our inventory.

Snack vending machines come in different sizes and different selections.
We offer small machines from 12 selections up to large machines that have 40 facings and a large capacity of products for the vending machine.

Our refurbished vending machines come with our 12 month parts warranty so you can rest assured your machine is ready to go when you get it.

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Used Vending Machine For Sale - Refurbished - Includes Coin and Bill Acceptor

Full Size vending machine for snacks and other items . Multi Selections and comes with coin and dollar bill acceptor.
These machines comes with one year parts warranty

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12 Selections
32 Selections
40 Selections
Outdoor Use

Data Monitoring Cloud
Credit Card Capable
Non Snack Use - Custom
1 / 5 / 10 / 20 Bill Accept
Dollar Coin Payback