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Lockhart Furniture Designs LLC

Our Bad Experience With Lockhart Furniture Designs LLC In North Carolina

We Do Not Recommend Lockhart Furniture Designs LLC In North Carolina...
It all started a few months back when my son was looking for a bunk bed for his kids.
He searched out what he thought was a good maker of the bunk beds, based on some reviews and information on a website called Lockhard Furniture Designs LLC in NC
The company seem to be a good choice, but as Kyle would soon find out, it was not a good choice at all.
Kyle got with Alex the owner and sent Alex over a picture of what he would like the bed design to be like a bunk bed on top with a crib that could be converted into a lower bed later as Kyle's youngest son got older.
It was to be about 3 to 4 weeks for the delivery and that turned into months and many phone calls to the Lockhart Furniture Company to get them to finally set a delivery date and stick to it.

Delivery day comes and the company is late from time they said they would be there, but they finally show up.
It is two people one is the owner or partner and one is a helper or worker, either way they start taking the bed upstairs to be assembled.
After some time I am ask to come look at the bed and right away I point out that the bed has a design flaw that the lower portion that is suppose to be a crib, has the gate rails running the wrong way and the child will use that as a ladder to climb up and could fall over rail and hurt themselves.
I also point out a large split in the had rail area where you use to climb up to top bunk.
The owner informs me that she will get with Alex on the rail design and they will be back to fix the large splinter area.

Kyle contacts Alex lockhard the owner and speaks with him about the design flaw and Alex says he will remake the bed and have that design flaw fixed so the rails run the proper way.
Week goes by, no contact, Kyle calls Alex lockhart and again is assured that the problem will be fixed but now they say it could be some time as they are very busy with new orders.
Again much time goes by and Kyle tries to contact Alex Lockhart again but this time he is unresponsive.
After many tries Kyle ask me to try and get in contact with Lockhart Furniture Design LLC and see if they answer me.
I call the number and a few months later a young lady calls me back and says she is the person who delivered and set up the bed.
I ask her about the problem and she informs me that they are very busy and cant get to Kyle for some time as new orders have them bogged down, I let her know that Kyle has already paid his money and should have priority over those new order.
She informs me that she will speak with Alex and see what can be done, at this time Kyle is asking for money back so he can pay someone else to fix the bed as he does not trust what Lockhart Furniture Designs LLC says anymore as they have not done what they said they will do and now it has been sometime and the boys are still without a bed.

At this point I took the lead on the problem as Kyle said he has wasted many hours in this and has got no satisfaction and is feed up with this company called Lockhart Furniture Design LLC
I try and let the owner know that I have since started looking into what can be done to get satisfaction and find out that the Consumer Protection Agency has rules and laws on the building of bunk beds and regulates companies that build bunk beds and other items for kids use.
One of the rules is that the bed have a non removal label on the bed with the bed serial number and model number and also tells what size mattress in thickness is to be used.
The Lockhart Furniture Design LLC failed to place any such label on the bed, so that leads me to believe that they also have not followed the law that says that the manufacture of bunk beds must have the bed design inspected by a approved company that the Consumer Protection Agency has approved for such test.
The law also says that all manufactures of bunk beds must supply instructions in writing at time of delivery or sale instructions on the bed and again what size mattress is to be used, again nothing was supplied.
I ask Lockhart Furniture Designs LLC in Shelby North Carolina to send me over the inspection report so we can see that the bed has been inspected and we feel safe about using it, was told no can do as they do not have to.
Yes they are right they are not required by law to provide to the consumer the inspection report, but if one really had one they would supply to show that the bed was safe.
I would like to know what company did the inspection of the bed as they let them not do the label requirement so the bed could not have passed.
I was informed by Lockhart Furniture Company that I was harassing them, but in my eyes its not harassment to get a product you paid for and assumed was built to the standards set forth by the Consumer Protection Agency fixed or if there is no inspection report because if the Lockhart Furniture Design LLC does not manufacture to the laws set forth then they should do a recall on all bunk beds they made and refund all customers whom they sold bunk-beds to.

We were also told that if we wanted to get money back and bed returned that we would need to take the issue to court.
Why on earth would you subject yourself to a lawsuit knowing you did not build the bed to what the law says you must do?
I am confident that we would win judgement on this case but collecting on that judgement would be the next challange.
Just becasue you win the judgement does not mean you will easily get your money back. The best way is to let others know what bad experiance you had with a company.
So we are now filing a report with the consumer protection agency to open an investigation into the building practices of the lockhard Furniture Company to make them show the inspection report and do a recall of all bunk beds they made since they do not meet the requirements set forth by the law.

I do not recommend anyone buy anything from the Lockhart Furniture Designs LLC as if this is the kind of business they run, I would not feel safe with anything they build in my home.
If you have had any problems yourself with the Locakhart Furniture Design LLC please contact us and we will be happy to add your story to our page as you cant leave a negative review on their website or Facebook.

This is my accounts of the situation at hand with the Lockhart Furniture Designs LLC as i remember them.