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The New Lunchroom Is Here!

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Quality Built Kiosk With , NO Hidden Sales Commission Fees!

Mad Skills

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The Revive Kiosk is a great way to offer an open air market style lunchroom . 

There is a new style lunchroom in many locations now and it adds to your vending food service style for locations. With Revive Kiosk you can offer a wider selection of products to your customers then ever before. Fresh Fruit no problem, no barcode products, no problem, this is a great solution to the vending location that wants a wider selection of items that just would not vend well out of a traditional vending machine.  

Micro Market Vending is quickly taking the place of the traditional vending machine and putting products on open shelves and reach in coolers. Packages that were once to big to vend can be served to customers and fresh fruit and other easy damaged items are being offered with no problems. Not every location is a vending machine location and not every location is a micro marketing location but now you have another solution to offer better customer service to your clients. 

Micro Market  


Competitively Priced
No Commissions or ongoing sales over-rides
Back-end flexibility
No data sharing requirements

Great New Features

See what we've added!

See what's new with our Revive Kiosk. Chock full of new features, components and software updates.
Including the "pick to light" software platforms !

Increase Account 


With new product offerings, effective planograms and more!

Great Customer 


Our US based Customer & Technical support teams are here to support you in creating a successful micro market! 

Revive's Great  


Monitor your kiosk from any where with our easy to use back end software interface. Track inventory and forecast location needs. 

Increase Profit 


After you purchase the Revive kiosk there are no residuals, commissions on sales, or other hidden fees that take away from YOUR bottom line. 

Choose Your Own 

Credit Card Processor 

Its your business so choose who you want when it comes to who your merchant account is with. We have a great partnership with the leading credit card processor in the vending machine industry so they may be able to assist. USA Technologies

Custom Branding

Stand Out 

Let us help you build your brand with custom branding on your kiosk and thru out your micro market. Put your brand on all your micro market equipment as well as display screens.

Our Services

Need some help? We can help!

See what's new with our Revive Kiosk. Chock full of new features, components and software updates.
Including the "pick to light" software platforms !


Our Services

We can help!

Revive, a self checkout micro market and cafe, is a sophisticated micro market solution.

With Our System

You Can

  1. Look and see how much money is in the bill validator at any given time

  2. Check your inventory levels. Know exactly what items have sold, what’s still on the shelf

  3. Get Automated Notifications when products run low, or when certain conditions are met

  4. Automatically have picking slips printed, so in the morning your route driver can “grab and go”

  5. Remotely access your market, look at live video feeds and have complete control – even from your iPhone!

  6. Change prices instantly



A Self Check Out Micro Market

It is fast, economical, and extensible. It provides all of the features an operator needs to effectively manage a micro market, including:

1. A sophisticated backend that allows real-time access to sales data.

2. Theft detection systems

3. Cash, Credit and Stored Value Card Compatibility.

4. An advanced Rewards program that can be custom tailored to individual locations.


Our Services

Our Proudest Feature

With Revive, our proudest feature has nothing to do with our technology, it has to do with our business approach.
Our philosophy is simple. You are purchasing a point of sale system. Your investing in new technology, your business and your customers. You’re taking a certain amount of risk. You deserve the maximum return. We don’t believe in charging ongoing commissions on sales.

One Small Terminal

With Great BIG Features!

See what's new with our Revive Kiosk. Chock full of new features, components and software updates.
Including the "pick to light" software platforms !

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