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Refurbished / Used Vending Machine

AP Studio3 Refurbished Vending Machine

Studio 3 Refurbished

Snack Vending Machine

The Studio 3 vending machine gives you an enticingly-attractive machine with genuine, people-friendly street smarts. It has all the top features that help keep you on the go, ensuring every vend is a satisfying experience. • Metro styling gives this machine a handsome look while its smart design allows full viewing of your favorite brands for easy selection.
• Golden Eye® detection system guarantees your product will deliver, or customer gets an instant refund. • Multiple Energy Conservation Modes help you conserve power and save money. Choose from lights off, vend off, low energy or total shutdown. (Very smart.) • Choosing the industry-leading brand, APi, ensures you’re getting a solid, street smart merchandiser that is known for its craftsmanship, reliability, and overall higher standard
This Refurbished Studio 3 is a top quality and location ready.

Height is 72: High x 39" Wide x 35" Deep and weight is 700lbs

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AP Studio 3 Vending Machine For Sale - Refurbished - Includes Coin and Bill Acceptor

Need a vending machine that can go the extra mile and is build of top quality? When you need the capacity and flexibility of a professional vending machine.  This 40 selection refurbished  snack vending machine offers great capacity.  This 40 selection vending machine comes with our standard 12 month parts warranty so you can rest assured it is location ready.

Are vending machines hard to operate? Not really as with anything you have to learn what makes it tick.. When you buy from us we help you understand how the vending machine works and how to keep it working.