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AP LCM4 Combo Vending Machine

Used Combo Vending Machine

AP LCM4 Refurbished

Combo Vending Machine

The  Automatic Products combo vending machine is a full size standard model cans only combo.
This combo vending machine works well at a  location that just cans only drinks is ok.
This combo vending machine makes a great choice for operators that are looking for a basic combo vending machine to save space.
This Automatic Products Combo is a 10 chip or larger bag items and 10 candy bar or cracker selections.
This 10 selection can drink vending machine is good for that space where two side by side vending machines just will not fit.
This AP LCM4 is a refurbished vending machine and is location ready.

Our refurbished combo vending machines come with our 12 month parts warranty so you can rest assured your machine is ready to go when you get it.

 Height: 72 Width: 40 Depth: 35 750lbs

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National Vendors 797 Used  Vending Machine For Sale - Refurbished - Includes Coin and Bill Acceptor

Full Size vending machine for snacks and can drinks.
 This vending machine comes with our standard 12 month parts warranty so you can rest assured it is location ready.


Are combo vending machines big enough for locations?
Depends on the location you are looking at putting the machine into. Also what is the location looking to vend out of the combo vending machine?

Are you looking to vend cans only or do you need to vend cans and bottles? Many combo vendors are to small and less capacity to handle some locations.
Not every location is right for one machine and many times combo vending machines are to small for larger locations.
Call us and we will be happy to discuss what vending machine will work for your location.