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AMS Visi Combo Machine

Combo Vending Machine - Refurbished Machine

AMS Visi Combo - Sensit 3

Combo Vending Machine

Need a  combo vending machine with more capacity ? The all in one combo vending machine gives you more capacity in a smaller area then side by sides combos.
This Sensit 3 Series / AMS visi combo vending machine does just about everything . Vend snacks and drinks in a compact space.  Vend cans or bottles and it does energy drinks and so much more. If you need a mid size combo vending machine that will deliver the goods then the all in one combo vending machine is the combo vending machine you are looking for.

Shelf Configuration may very but is adjustable to change.
 Credit Card Reader Ready- Fees and Merchant Service maintained by USA Technology's - Activation requires account with USA Technologies
You do not have to activate the credit card reader and machine will work fine without it in use. Can activate at anytime you decide.

Refurbished _AMS_Combo_Includes_Coin_And_Bill_Validator
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AMS Visi Combo Vending Machine For Sale - New - Includes Coin and Bill Acceptor

The AMS Visi Combo is one of the work horses of our industry. This combo vending machine is very popular and is manufactured here in the USA.
If you are looking for a combo vending machine that is versatile and can do a wide verity of product's, then the AMS combo is the combo for you.
The AMS combo is an industrial or full size combo and is used by vending professionals looking for a quality vending machine that is manufactured to last.
AMS has been manufacturing vending machines for some time and has set itself as a top manufacture in the vending industry.
Stared by a  pioneer of the vending industry this company is enriched in vending history and quality.



All Sensit; models, including Snack, Visi-Combo, Bottle and Food Combo, Visi-Diner and Milk, are versatile, high-capacity vending machines. AMS machines are designed, tested, and built to provide years of reliable, low-maintenance service in an indoor environment. A fully insulated cabinet, DEX data capability, and flexible product configuration are just some of the many features built into every AMS merchandiser.


 Cabinet Physical Dimensions: Model 39 - 39”W x 72”H x 36”D / Approx. 585 lbs / 120 VAC, 60 Hz / 10.8 amps @120 VAC / 0.6 HP, R-134a, 10 oz. / Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) coin changers, bill validators and card readers. /
    Delivery Sensor
    ams sensit
    Sensit Sensor
    Guarentee Delivery
    dollar bill acceptor for vending machines
    Premium Currency Acceptors
    $ bill acceptor

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