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Combo Vending Machine

 Side By Side Vending Machine

12 / 6 Combo Vending Machine

Combo Vending Machine

Need more capacity but a smaller foot print? The 12 / 6  side by side combo vending machine gives you more capacity in a smaller area
This combo vending machine does just about everything . Vend snacks and drinks in a compact space.  Vend cans or bottles and it does energy drinks and so much more. If you need a mid size combo vending machine that will deliver the goods then the 12 / 6  is the combo vending machine you are looking for.

12/6_ Combo_Includes_Coin_And_Bill_Validator
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Combo Vending Machine Side By Side - New - Includes Coin and Bill Acceptor

The combo vending machine that is made in the USA and is manufactured by one of the leading vending machine manufactures here in the USA.

How Much is it to buy a vending machine? Well that depends on what machine you are looking for. Vending machines come in many different sizes and options and not all vending machines are the same. The combo vending machines hold both snacks and drinks in one machine. To get a quote on our vending machine combos just click add to quote.


12 Selections of snacks, candy, cracker or pastries - 6 Selections of canned or plastic bottled
beverages from 12 oz. to 24oz. - Both easily fits through a doors at 21” wide -Electronic coin changer and bill acceptor -MDB/DEX - Bright live product displays -ENERGY STAR® Rated drink vendor - nice drink display - Environmentally friendly R134a cooling system -Full sales & accounting features - Quality construction.


Dimensions: 42′ Wide X 35′ Deep X 72′ Tall
Weight: 350 lbs snack + 467 lbs drink
Electric Service: 115VAC/60Hz | 2.5 amps
Capacity: 152 snack; 136 beverage
Selections: 12 snack; 6 beverage
    vending machine display
    Bright LED Display
    vending machine keypad
    Large Easy To See Display
    Braille Identification
    dollar bill acceptor for vending machines
    Premium Currency Acceptors
    $1 and $5 bill acceptor

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12 / 6 Combo